Saturday, November 7, 2009

Quick Notes...

Bruce Levine shares rumors on Talkin Baseball:

Mike Cameron said he would sign with the Cubs after the Brewers trade for Carlos Gomez and Levine still said Cameron is there back back up plan. I hope Cameron is there 5th or 6th option because of his age

Levine thinks Milton Bradley will be traded in 30-45 days. I think he is pretty much right on and I think it could be a little earlier.

Levine is hearing Reed Johnson wants a 2 year and 6 million deal and the Cubs are hesitant if giving that because it is out of there price range. I say play the younger guys like Fuld or Snyder.

Levine thinks John Gaub will make the 2010 roster out of spring training and Starlin Castro can come up as early as the second half. I agree with both statements.

Other Notes:

Jim Bowden thinks Chone Figgins will sign with the Cubs. He would be a nice addition by don't overpay for him.

Derrick Gold of the St. Louis Dispatch think thinks the Cubs will make a offer to Mark Derosa. I say offer a 2 years 10 million for Dero because I would love to have him back. That will not be enough but Deros is a back up plan.

I will keep you posted.

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