Saturday, November 21, 2009

Update on Recent Rumors...

Lets get caught up:

It was reported yesterday that the Blue Jays contacted the Cubs regarding pitcher Roy Halladay. This kind of surprises me because the Cubs don't have a lot of death in their farm system and the Blue Jays probably want top prospect Starlin Castro who is untouchable. The Cubs can trade Vitters, Cashner, Flaherty and Carpetner. That won't get a deal done but might get their attention. But another problem is, can the Cubs take on his 15 million contract.

There was a report of a 3 way deal with the Rangers, Cub and Mets. Cubs get Luis Castillo, Mets get Kevin Millwood and the Rangers get Milton Bradley but that deal was quickly shut down by the Rangers and Cubs officials. This deal does make kind of sense and probably has been talk about at least once.

The Cubs and Tigers are stilling talking a trade for Curtis Granderson but will not part ways with Carlos Marmol or top prospect Starlin Castro. I am still in favor for Granderson but don't give up too much including Josh Vitters.

Jon Heyman keeps insisting in his reports that the Cubs are players in Matt Holliday but with what money. Holliday is expected to get Alfonso Soriano kind of a contract and the Cubs will not do that. If you are a Cubs fan, let this leave you mind because this will not happen.

The Cubs have not shown any interest in former Cub Mark Derosa. I think the Cubs will not sign him because of his age.

The Cubs are also expected to be players in the running for 2B Placido Polanco. I would be in favor of this, if they sign him to a 1 year deal to get ready for the upcoming star Starlin Castro.

I will keep you posted.

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  1. Here is a comment from USA TODAY

    "Cubs front-office people acknowledge liking Granderson, but if top
    prospects such as shortstop Starlin Castro, third baseman Josh Vitters
    or right-handed pitcher Andrew Cashner make up any of the asking price,"
    Hendry will say, "No, thank you." - USA Today

    so the Cubs are not even considering moving Vitters, which means granderson to the cubs probably will not happen