Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cubs like the O-Dawg...

Bruce Levine keeps mention in his weekly chat on Tuesday, the Cubs like 2B lando Hudson:

If the Cubs do sign him, it will probably be there own free agency signing. He mentions that if the money gets out of hands the Cubs will past. The Cubs are looking at a 1 year deal worth about 4 million (my guess). The Cubs like him last year before he signed with the Dodgers. He will probably be the Cubs leadoff man because he posts a good on-base percentage and does hve little speed.

It will only be for a 1 year contract to get ready for top prospect Starlin Castro who will most likely be the starter in 2010 coming out of spring traing if he keeps doing well.

I would be in favor of a 1 year 4 million deal. Hope he signs with the Cubs.

I will keep you posted.


  1. i cant see hudson willing to accept $4MM, i would imagine with how many teams are in need of a 2B he will probably look for $7-$9MM , so if that is the case they would just give the job to Baker. The cubs bigger need is CF, so assuming they dont trade for granderson , they will likely go after a mid level free agent... a list that includes Byrd, Cameron, or Ankiel as their top choices, since they have had discussions about all three of them.