Friday, November 13, 2009

Jim Callis: Cubs Best Team to Land Curtis Granderson...

Jim Callis had an interview with the bad writer Phil Rogers recently:

It was reported today that the Angels and Tigers are talking about a Curtis Granderson trade. In the same report, it mentions that the Yankees really like Granderson and the Cubs would eventually inquire about him. Callis said, out of the 3 teams, the Cubs have the best shot lo land him. The Tigers made Curtis Granderson available at the GM Meeting along with P Edwin Jackson and utility man Brandon Inge.

Why do the Angels need another outfielder, they have Bobby Abreu, Tori Hunter and Juan Rivera as starters while Gary Matthews Jr. is the 4th outfielder.

The Yankees might need him because they have Johnny Damon and Jerry Harrision Jr. as free agents but still have Nick Swisher and Melky Cabrera as starters.

The Cubs need him because he will be there leadoff man that they have been searching for and he will also take over CF while Kosuke moves back to right.

Propose trade:
Cubs get Curtis Granderson
Tigers get Hak-Ju Lee, Jake Fox, Sean Marshall, Chris Carpenter and Ty Wright.

Lets look into the trade: Hak-Ju Lee is a SS and the Cubs have a young kid coming up who is Starlin Castro and he is expected to be a star. Jake Fox has no place on the team and has to be in the DH roll to put up good stats. Sean Marshall is a good lefty but the Cubs got Tom Gorzelanny who is pretty much the same pitcher and the same age. Chris Carpenter is a good pitcher but you have to throw a good player in to get a good player in return. Ty Wright pretty much has no place on the team with all these young outfielders coming up and don't forget about the long contract of Soriano. I think this will be enough because the Cubs aren't giving up there top prospects which would be good.

The Cubs have not talk to the Tigers about Granderson yet but will make a offer when the Tigers are ready for offers. Phil Rogers via twitter.

Get it done Jim Hendry, but first get the Bradley trade done.


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