Wednesday, November 18, 2009

David Kaplan: Bradley to the Rangers...

More on Bradley:

David Kaplan who just got back from his vacation in Mali is hearing that the Cubs and Rangers are seriously talking a trade for Bradley. He did not say who Bradley will be traded for but Levine said that if Bradley is traded to the Rangers, it will be pitcher Kevin Millwood.

I would be in more favor of this trade than the one to the Rays for Pat Burrell who is the other team to land Bradley possibly. Other teams that have express interest in Bradley are the Diamondbacks (Eriz Byrnes), Giants (Aaron Rowand), Rays (Pat Burrell) and the Rangers (Kevin Millwood).

Out of all those bad contract swaps, I like the Kevin Millwood because he is an innings pitcher and he will be the 5th starter and Jeff Samardzija will have to compete for a spot in the bullpen then.

Levine thought Bradley would of been gone already and I did too. I guess we have to want and see how this ends up.

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  1. Milwood would be the logical choice for Hendry as players he would want in return. He was 13-10 with a 3.67 ERA last year, and it is fact that Starters have a much easier time in the NL then in the AL.

    A rotation that looks like

    1. Z
    3. Dempster
    4. Milwood
    5. Wells

    would be a scary one, and one with potential to be very good.