Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cubs/Rays closing in on Bradley Trade and other notes...

According to Bruce Levine, the Cubs and Rays are finalizing the trade of Milton Bradley for Pat Burrell. They are just working on how much money goes over in the Bradley trade. Levine thinks Bradley will be a Ray in 4-5 days. In my own opinion, I would rather have Kevin Millwood of the Rangers in the Bradley trade. The Cubs need pitching with the expected departure of Rich Harden and the injury to Ted Lilly. On the other hand, the Cubs are not expected to keep Burrell because he can't play defense and will likely trade him to the AL so he can be a DH.

Levine also states that the Cubs will not be the likely destination for Marlon Byrd. I would rather trade for Curtis Granderson who is now available and also give more playing time to younger players.

Over at the Cubs corner, it mentions as a unfound rumor that the Cubs and Jays are talking a trade not including Bradley or Wells. The trade is Brandon League of the Jays for Jake Fox and a a minor leaguer of the Cubs. I can see this trade happening because it is said that the Cubs will trade Fox and are also looking for relief pitching via trade. League is 26 and is making the MLB minimum. The Cubs can do this with out adding money because Fox and League are making pretty much the same. I would be OK with this trade but I think if you wait, you can add Fox in a trade that is a better one. For example, in a Curtis Granderson trade.

Fox sports is reporting that the Cubs are making progress in signing LRP John Grabow and Paul Sullivan thinks a deal will be fianlized in a week or so. I sure hope so, this has been taking forever.

The GM meetings are now over and there was nothing new today. I will keep you posted.


  1. So if and when the Cubs pick up Burrell, where do they trade him and what can they hope to get for him?

  2. I would like to see the Cubs get Granderson in a deal involving Fox. He could be a huge pick up for the Cubs.
    Any chance they could expand that deal to get Granderson and Jackson? I hear both are available.

  3. I say hye will go the Tigers, White Sox, Yankees. They all need DH's. I say they can get 2 mid level prospectes or a team takes his whole contract like the Rios situation.

  4. Both are available but they will not get both. Phil Rogers says they have interest in him but he is not reliable. In my own opinion I dont see the Cubs getting Granderson because you will have to give up a but load because he is fast and young which rarely comes now. But I would love Granderson to be in Cubbies blue next year.

  5. Geez, now according to Fox Sports, the Cubs and Rays are still far apart on the whole money situation.

    Bruce Levine in a new blog post, mentions that last night, the Cubs spoke to the Rangers, Mets, Rays, and get this ... the Tigers about Milton Bradley.

    The Curtis Granderson rumors, right now are are bit premature, i think once we move bradley things will look much clearer.

  6. Well the Bradely trade is 50% done because they have the players in the deal now it is the money which I know will take forever. Ganderson would be nice but a source said they dont think they will trade them.

    Cubs get Curtis Granderson
    Tigers get Sean Marshall, Matt Camp, Jake Fox, Mitch Atkins and Ryan Flaherty. None of those players besides Marshall I guess on the roster in upcoming years.

    This will have to be after the Bradley trade.

  7. hello waldo, do you think you this will happen or do you want it too? Are you willing to give up so much, hugh changes are not the way to build, the minor league of the cubs is at best rocky, devolp and train is where are future is not big trade dollars and long contracts, think about soriono.

  8. If I was Jim Hendry, I would trade Soriano and pay 3 quarters of his contract.I would not trade there 15 top prospects but Samardzija who is a not a prospect but I would trade him. I would love the Cusb to build around thereminor league system.