Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cubs Talking 3 Team Trade, Other Tidbits From Last Night...

Ken Rosenthal reported yesterday that the Cubs, Blue Jays and Mets are talking about a 3 team deal with the Cubs getting Luis Castilla, Blue Jays getting Milton Bradley and the Mets getting Lyle Overbay. I think that would be a good trade for the Cubs because they can maybe get a leadoff man because he still has little gas in him being 34 years old but can be a good 2 hitter because he gets on base a lot and is pretty good at defense. I have know clue, how the money will work.

"This has some legs but no much, the GM of the Jays does not want Bradley to be his first move"

Paul Sullivan is reporting that the Jays want no part of Bradley.

Lee Hamilton said the Cubs talk to the Rangers about a Brandon McCarthy for Milton Bradley swap. I would be in favor of that because he is young and has upside but don't see the Rangers doing that.

The Cubs will not release Bradley. That is a no brainer because there are tons of teams interested in him.

The Cubs have talk to the Rangers (Millwood or McCarthy), Angels (Gary Matthews Jr.), Blue Jays (Wells, JK) and the Mets (Castilla) for Bradley. Those are the teams I have mention.

ESPN had a idea of Bobby Jenks for Milton Bradley. I say no way, I hate Jenks because he is really not good and way overweight.

The Cubs are close to finishing out a 2 year deal with John Grabow for about 3 million a year I hope this does get done soon, its taking forever.

The Cubs are looking for a veteran middle infielder to get ready for Starlin Castro. Tejada, Cabrera and Scutaro all play SS and they can finally move Theriot to 2B where he belongs.

Rich Harden and Kevin Gregg will not be back. Gregg is a no brainer but Harden wants to be back and will take a discount to stay. His agent is planning to meet with Jim Hendry soon. I hope Harden comes back on a 1 year contract.

Kevin Greeg filed for free agency yesterday with 31 other players. He gone.

Elias ranking were official yesterday with nothing changing. Grabow and Gregg Type A, Harden Type B and Johnson and Fox are nothing.

I will keep you posted as GM meeting day 2 will start soon and start hearing more rumors.

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