Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cubs Might be Searching for a Shortstop...

With the rising star of SS Starlin Castro who is currently in the Cubs minor league system playing for Tennessee Smokies. The Cubs could be looking for a shortstop for short term. It will be a 1 year deal. Jim Hendry told current SS Ryan Theriot a couple days ago to get ready to play 2B in the near future. The Cubs might sign a SS to a 1 year deal so Ryan Theriot can get use to playing 2B.

Ryan Theriot said he is fine on moving to secondbecause he love Chicago and wants to stay here. Second base is a better position for him because he has no arm and will be a better defender at second.

2 names that play SS and would not care to see in a Cubs uniform are Olando Cabrera and Marco Scutaro. Marco Scutaro and Olando Cabrera are looking for deals in the range if 2 years and 7-9 million a year. The Cubs would only want to give a 1 year deal worth about 4-6 million depending on how Jim Hendry moves around money.

I will keep you posted.

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