Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bradley Latest and the Latest From the GM Meetings...

The Latest of a Bradley trade:

The Cubs are really trying to trade Milton Bradley by the end of the GM meeting and Phil Rogers says the Cubs want Bradley of there roster in the next 36 hours. I sure hope so.

Bruce Levine said that Jim Hendry and the Rays GM stood up pass midnight working out a Bradley trade. Burrell will come over in the trade, they are just trying to work out the contract situation and Foxports is reporting that Bradely could restructure his contract so the trade works with the Rays.

Bruce Levine is reporting that the Rangers are in the thick of things and most likely will trade Millwood for Bradley who is making 12 million in 2010. I would be in favor of that.

Jon Heyman said Texas and Tampa Bay is the likely destination for Bradley. He is probably right on the button.

As it stands right now, Jim Hendry is still talking with the Rays and Rangers.

More from GM Meetings or other tidbits:

GM Jim Hendry said he hopes to have a couple more deals in the next few weeks before the winter meetings.

Bruce Levine stated in his chat that the Cubs will have interest free agent relief pitcher Mike Gonzalez. I would be in favor of that also.

In the same report from Fox sports, it says the Cubs will have interest in free agent outfielder Marlon Byrd. Byrd is 32 years old and gad his best year last year. I would try to trade for a CF first, if you can't find one then sign him. Byrd will be the CF with Kosuke moving back to right.

I will keep you posted as we await the Bradley trade.


  1. if they can get the money fixed out, then the Cubs and Rays will complete the deal.

    I think though that come tomorrow Bradley will be on a new team


  2. I think Bradley will be traded to the Rangers for Millwood by the end of the GM Meetings or the end of today.

    I cant do the money but I think he will be a Ranger by the end of today.

    I would like to have Millwood instead Burrell by far. I do not want to go into the season with Big Z, Dempster, Wells, Samardzija, and Gorzelanny. That would not cut it.

  3. yea Samardzija is to unproven .

    According to CSN chicago, Jim Hendry wants Samardzija in the rotation next year.

    He shouldn't be handed the spot, he has to deserve it.

  4. I did here Jim Hendry say thst and I do feel confortable with Jeff in the rotatation. Jeff could pretty much only throw fastballs for strikes last season.

  5. yea, he was working on that curve, and splitter in new mexico

  6. I sure hope it help him and he can finally throw strikes other than fastball.