Thursday, November 12, 2009

Quick Roundup of Today... Breaking News

Breaking News: Carlos Zambrano wins the 2009 Silver Slugger Award as a pitcher with a batting average of .217 and 4HR and 11rbi. He is likely the only Cub to win an award in 2009 after Derrek Lee lost the gold glove award to Adrian Gonzalez.

After Bruce Levine reported yesteday that the Cubs are close to a deal with the Rays for Bradley, Fox Sports quickly said they are not even close to a deal. The money concerns is a big deal but Levine did stick to his report and said he will be gone within a week. This is dragging on forever and I hope this gets over sooner than later. Levine did report last night that Jim Hendry is still talking to the Mets, Rays, Rangers and Tigers about Bradley.

There is an unfound found rumor floating around the Internet about a 3 team deal between the Rays, Tigers and Cubs. Cubs get Curtis Granderson, Rays get Milton Bradley and the Tigers get Pat Burrell, Sean Marshall, Aaron Heilman and Sam Fuld. That would be a good trade for the Cubs but the Tigers will lose big and I don't see that happening but it would be nice.

Hot Stove Cubbies is reporting that he is hearing the Cubs will pursue 2B Brando Phillips hard. I would love Phillips be the Cubs 2B in 2010. How nice would it be if the Cubs got Phillips and Granderson in the same offseason but really unlikely.

Mike Fontenot made the cut off as a super 2 and is now eligible to get arbitration and make over 1 million dollars which he does not deserve. Now expect Fontenot get traded over the winter.

I will keep you posted.


  1. where did u find that rumor

    i like the sound of it

  2. I found it on hot stove cubbies but there in no way the Tigers would do it, way unfai on there side.