Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lilly had a Successfull Shoulder Surgery, will that Alter Plans...

Yesterday pitcher and last year only all-star Ted Lilly has arthroscopic surgery on his left shoulder (throwing arm) and the surgery was called a success. Lilly is expected to miss the beginning of the 2010 season and be place on the 15 day DL. He will start throwing again 4 months from Wednesday.

So will the Cubs go after a starting pitcher, Jim Hendry "said have not made any decisions yet on who's coming back or not from the club we ended the season with." Hendry explained that Lilly's surgery "wouldn't alter our plans about adding another starter because Lew Yocum is one of the best in the world." Hendry said, "If he felt ... if the rehab went according to plan, the way Ted goes about his business, there's a good possibility Ted will be pitching in April. We certainly don't want to take that spot away from Ted if he's ready."

Also Hendry did not want any questions about the return of Harden and he said he has talk to the agents of pitchers Grabow (working on deal) and Rich Harden.

Bruce Levine has been reporting that the Cubs will work out an extension with Ted Lilly in the 2010 season, will that change? If I had to guess the Cubs will see how he throws and made a decision in the upcoming season.

Names that the Cubs could go after:

Will they re-sign Rich Harden
Will the pursue John Lackey, Jason Marquis again, Joel Pineiro.
Will they trade for Barry Zito (will be in Bradley trade), Derrek Lowe, Ian Snell, Chris Young, Kevin Millwood (has been mention in trade for Bradley) and Roy Halladay (just kidding). All those players have mention that they could be on the trading block this winter.

In that list I like Joel Pineiro the best because the Cardinals won't re-sign him and he will come cheaper than any one else. Also I can see the Bradley for Millwood trade happen.

Or will the Cubs go in the 2010 season with Marshall, Samardzija, Atkins, Gorzelanny competing for a spot at the roster.

We just have to wait and see as the offseason officially starts today with the Yankees who was there 27th world series title yesterday.

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