Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lugo, Cubs close to signing second round pick ,Update, Injuries...

Update 9:00: According to Carrie Muskat the Cubs have officially sign second round pick D.J. LeMahieu to 460K.

The Cubs Corner said he heard on Talkin baseball with Bruce Levine that the Cubs are nearing in on a deal with second round pick DJ Lemaheiu. DJ played with LSU who won the college world series.

I love this guy, he has speed and a good glove. The player I compare him to on the Cubs is Ryan Theriot because he has speed and will occasionally have power but I think DJ will have a better glove and don't forget about Theiot played for LSU too. I say he will come up in 2011 for a September callup along with first rounder Brett Jackson. Then maybe he will start with the Cubs in 2012.

If the Red Sox release Julion Lugo, the Mets will be the one to sign him because they need him to take Reyes spot until he returns but they won't trade for him, that is according to Adam Rubin of The NY Daily News. The 2 teams mention other than the Mets are the Cards and Cubs that still can trade for within the 10 days until release.

Ted Lilly will not pitch today and will pitch Monday in Philadelphia.

Alfonso Soriano was originally diagnose with a dislocated right pinkie and now is ruled as a jammed right pinkie.

I will keep you posted.


  1. looks good

    As for Lugo, i mean it is kind of sad that to say " we need him" but we do. With us only being able to spend about 3mm at the deadline, he is likely the best option.

  2. Also Felipe Lopez, he is making 3.5 million and if JH could of take Derosa 5.5 million why not lopez. Also the Dbacks might want some in return because he is a FA next year or take the chance on someone taking him in FA and get 2 FA, he will most likely be a type A FA.