Thursday, July 23, 2009

More Notes on the deadline, Dempster, 2B lookout....

Jason Stark is one of the tons of baseball insiders to say the Cubs are looking at left-handed relievers George Sherrill, John Grabow and Joe Beimel.

He also mentions the Oriolles have 2 prices for George Sherrill: 1 is you can pay his whole contract which is 2.725 million and give up a premium prospect and second is the Orioles pay his whole contract and then you have to give up a premium prospect and 2 other players.

I think either way the Cubs can get a deal done.

"Dave van Dyck at the Chicago Tribune talked to Cubs GM Jim Hendry, who says that while anything can happen, the Cubs are looking more to "tinker" rather than make a big splash at the deadline. Van Dyck reminds that the Cubs just don't have the pieces to make a major trade, and Hendry sees team health as the major issue at hand."

"Such tinkering, Van Dyck speculates, could involve the acquisition of a veteran backup catcher, left-handed reliever or vet outfielder along the lines of Jim Edmonds. He mentions there is room to add salary, but that it is "limited," which would discount someone like Jake Peavy. The Cubs have been in the mix for George Sherrill and Joe Beimel on the relief front, and Lou Piniella has said he desires a couple hitters before the deadline."

My guess is the Cubs will make a move, sooner than later.

Hot Stove Cubbies mentions that Cubs are going to scout the Reds when they are at Wrigley and the name they are scouting is Brandon Phillips.

That would be a nice addition but unlikely.

Steve Phiilips of ESPN says the Cubs are going to make a run after 2B Freddy Sanchez of the Pirates, also CSN analyst David Kaplan backs that up by saying they are going after him but the salary might be to much for the Cubs to take on.

The Pirates are in selling mode by trading Adam LaRoche to the Red Sox yesterday and Nate Mclouth to the Braves last month. I can see the Cubs trading for both 2B Freddy Sanchez and left-handed reliever of the Pirates in the same trade.

Ryan Dempster had x-rays on his broken toe today and everything went good but will not pitch Sunday, he will pitch next week sometime.

NL Central News:

The A's and Cardinals are talking about a trade that would send Cardinals top prospect Brett Wallace to Oakland and Matt Holliday to St. Louis.

I will keep you posted as the trade deadline approaches.

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