Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rumors, Cubs Interested in BJ Ryan...

Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune said the Cubs are interested in BJ Ryan. Any team can sign him after he clears waivers tomorrow. Earlier in the week it was said that Jim Hendry contacted BJ Ryan's agent. What do the Cubs have to lose if they sign him, I say go after him for cheap.

Hot Stove Cubbies Notes:

The Cubs are taking calls on there outfielders such as Johnson, Fukudome, Fox, Hoffpauir and Bradley. If the Cubs trade Bradley or Fukudome, they will have to eat a big portion of there salary and that is unlikely.

The Cubs are not going after ace pitcher Roy Halladay.

He has heard whispers that the Cubs might be in a multi team trade that would send Scott Rolen to the Reds Sox, Mark Teahen, minor leaguers and salary relief of Rolen's contract to the Blue Jays and prospects to the Royals.

The Cubs will keep there eye open for a catcher during the all-star break and is also waiting to see how Soto progresses over that time.

I will keep you posted.

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  1. BJ Ryan will be a good addition, if its soon. B?C then marshall can move into the Rotation while demp is out.