Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Midseason Awards for Just the Cubs and the MLB

First I will start off for giving the awards to the Cubs:

MVP: Derrek Lee
LVP: Alfonso Soriano
CY: Ted Lilly
ROY: Randy Wells
Best Glove: Derrek lee
Worse Glove: Alfonso Soriano
Best Catch: Reed Johnson robbing prince Fielders home run
Best offseason acquisition: Kevin Gregg but not really
Worse offseason acquisition: Aaron Miles not by far but he is the worse
Best Trade: Jeff Baker from the Rockes, Hendry gave up nothing

Midseason awards through the MLB:

NL MVP: Albert Puijols, AL MVP: Joe Mauer
NL CY: Matt Cain, AL CY: Zack Greinke
NL ROY: Colby Rasmus, AL ROY: Ricky Romero
NL MOY: Joe Torre, AL MOY: Ron Washington
NL EOY: Ned Coletti, AL EOY: Joe Daniels
Best offseason acquisition: Olando Hudoson of the Dodgers
Worse offseason acquisition: Milton Bradley but is getting hot
Best Team: Los angeles Dodgers
Worse Team: Washington Nationals

That is what I think of the awards halfway through the season.

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