Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bradley to Giants Could Happen but Probably Won't...

Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury News talked to a Giant executive who has veto power to approve on a trade and he ask if he will approve a Aaron Rowand for Milton Bradley trade and he said yes he would. Andrew Baggarly does not see the trade to happen because he does not think Giants will screw up the teams chemistry with Bradley in the dugout-clubhouse.

Bradley who is making 21 million over the next 2 years is 31 years old and batted .257 with 12 HR and 40 rbi but had a .378 OBP in 2009.

Aaron Rowand who is making 36 million over the next 3 years is 32 years old and batted .261 with 15 HR and 64 rbi in 2009.

If I was Jim Hendry I don't know if I would do that because Rowand has 1 more year on his contract than Bradley and that delays 1 more year to play the youngsters in the minors. All at least Rowand is a CF that they want, a rbi man which Pinella wants and a pretty good defender that the Cubs want.

I will keep you posted as the offseason is about a month away.


  1. That's a horrible trade. I'd rather watch Bradley sit on the bench in 2010.

  2. I agree with you Rowand is making more money and has 1 more year than Bradley. Also Bradley can hit .300 and have a OBP around 400 which is good.