Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Notes from Bruce Levine Chat Yesterday...

Bruce had his chat yesterday that he has on every Tuesday and here are some interesting notes from him:

1) Tom Ricketts is planning on the minor league system to be there number 1 priority.

2) He also mention that his sources say the budget will be right around 140 million like last year.

3) He again mention Bradley will be gone, with the Rays still being a good landing spot. Also Toronto is still a good spot who are trying to trade Vernon Wells who still have 5 years and 107 million left on his contract.

4) The Cubs could pursue 2B Olando Hudson or SS Olando Cabrera on a 1 year deal.

My thought on what he said:

1) Mr. Ricketts did fly to Boston and will like to build a farm system like them. I would love the Cubs to finally have a good farm system.

2) There have been 2 budgets thrown around, De Luca said it will be around 143 million, XM radio said 150 million and what Levine said. I think the Cubs will add 1 player for around 8 million on a 1 year deal or 2 players for 4 million on 1 year deal.

3) I would love the Cubs to trade Bradley and Soriano for Wells because Wells is younger, better defender and I think he has a better chance for better year than Soriano.

4) I would love the Cubs to sign SS Olando Cabrera on a 1 year 4-6 million and move Theriot to SS and that should give Starlin Castro another year in the minors.

I will update next week on Levine's chat.

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