Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Updates on Cubs Players...

Here is some news on Cubs players by Paul Sullivan of the Tribune and Gordon Wittnymer of the Sun-Times:

Both of the them say outfielder Milton Bradley is at the top of the list of getting rid of. Wittnymer notes that Cubs might be able to trade Bradley without eating 80% of his contract while Sullivan writes the Cubs could trade Bradley for an rbi guy that Pinella wants.

Sullivan says lefty relief pitcher John Grabow wants a 3 year contract and says the Cubs will give it to him. Grabow will be a free agent.

Sullivan also writes that Jake Fox and Mike Fontenot are trade candidates and will likely not be back.

Both Sullivan and Wittnymer believe pitcher Carlos Zambrano will not be traded.

My opinions on those thoughts:

Milton Bradley to the Rays could actually happen with Upton and Burrell coming to Chi-Town for prospects and the rest of the contract of Bradley that is not crossed out by the Burrell contract.

Like they said I think the Cubs will sign John Grabow to a 3 year contract in about 1-2 weeks.

Like I have been posting on this blog, I have been saying Fox and Fontenot will not be on the 2010 roster. If there is a trade in place for the Cubs getting Upton and Burrell, I think Fox will be in the trade them.

Lastly what they said, Carlos Zambrano will probably be the 2010 opening day starter for the Cubs.

I will keep you posted.

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