Sunday, October 11, 2009

More Hot Stove Cubbies Notes...

The Cubs reportedly set a deadline of December 2nd to trade Milton Bradley. My guess is if the date passes the Cubs will probably release him and pay the rest of his contract.

The holes the Cubs would like to address in free agency are a RBI man, 2B, veteran pitcher and relief pitcher.

I think the Cubs won't give up top or many prospects in a trade and I will do realistic options.

RBI Man: my pick-Vladimir Guerrero, cheap, and sign him to a 1-2 years worth about 4-6 million a year.
2B: Olando Hudson or Placido Polanco, I would love to have Figgins but he will command way to much money and these 2 players are good and will command way less, sign 1 of them for a 2 years worth about 3-5 million a year.
Veteran Pitcher: Erik Bedard, cheaper and has potential, sign to a 2 year contract worth 5-7 million a year.
Relief Pitcher: Juan Ricon, cheaper than other relievers, sign to a 1-2 year contract worth about 2-4 million a year.

I will keep you posted as we all await the offseason.

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