Friday, October 9, 2009

Gordon Wittenmyer, If I was Jim Hendry....

Here is an article of what Wittenmyer said if he was Jim Hendry:

1) Don't let Milton Bradley disrupt the offseason by not trading him until the winter meetings. Trade him as soon as possible.

My take: As every Cubs fan knows,Bradley will be gone right after the world series probably to the Rays for Pat Burrell or with both teams adding player in.

2) Make sure the outfielder you pick up can catch the ball unlike Alfonso Soriano.

My take: Well if the Cubs get Burrell that will not be an outfielder that plays good defense but they might as well go after ancient OF Mike Cameron.

3) Sign Chone Figgins to be your leadoff man.

My take: I would love the Cubs get Chone Figgins but don't overpay him and you might have to get a leadoff man via trade and sign a cheaper 2B like Olando Hudson.

4) Don't sign free agents to long term contracts so you can get your youngsters playing time in the MLB.

My take: I agree 100% with him, I want to see the youngsters in the farm system can do. I think Figgins will ask for a 4 year contract that will not help

5) If someone calla you about Carlos Zambrano talk to them.

My take: Well you have to answer the phone but if it is a great deal ask Big Z to waive his no trade cause but I think he will rebound in 2010.

That is Cordon Wittenymer's take and what I think of it.

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