Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cubs Looking at Outfielders Via Trade...

Here are 4 names that Hot Stove Cubbies give us: This is in know particular order.

1) Brad Hawpe: He will be the rbi man that Pinella wants in the middle of the lineup to go with Lee and Ramirez. He might be harder to get because his team is in the playoffs and he might not even be on the trading block this winter. He will also cost more in prospects.

2) BJ Upton: We already heard the Cubs have scouted him but if he is put up this winter the Cubs will pursue him. He brings speed and will play CF and batting first. I like him because he is cheap and the Cubs don't have to throw money at Figgins and could go the cheaper route by signing Hudson.

3) Adam Dunn: A lot of Cubs fans like him but I'm not one because he strikes out to much but he would be the rbi man Pinella wants also. Also it would be a joke out there watching him field in RF.

4) Nick Swisher: To me everything is average for him like BA, HR and rbi's. He can play OK defense but RF at Wrigley could be tricky.

OK maybe that is the order I would like the Cubs to get.

Also I think the Cubs want a CF so they can move Kosuke to RF. That is why I think Upton is the best choice because he can play CF.

I will always keep you posted.

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