Friday, October 23, 2009

Cubs Scouting Aroldis Chapman... Update 1? Update 2?

Update 4:17: The Mets are interested in Chapman but won't offer a deal in the range of 40-60 million. The Yankees will eventually meet him and the Orioles also want to meet Chapman.

Update 1:27: The Blue Jays is another team that has interest in Chapman.

Chapman is scheduled to visit the Cardinals on Monday and the Red Sox on Wednesday.

Yetserday MLBTR posted a article saying the Cubs are 1 of a few teams interested in Cuban Defector Aroldis Chapman. Chapman is a 21 year old lefty who threw a ball 102MPH on the radar. I can tell you this, you don't see a lefty throw close to 100MPH in the MLB.

It is reported that he may be looking for a deal in the 40-60 million deal range.

Other teams that are said to be interested are the Yankees, Red Sox, Cardinals, White Sox and Orioles. The Orioles said they are not going to try and outbid for Chapman.

I see the Yankees signing him because they will give him that money because they are made of money.

Chapman is in America going to teams that are interested in him instead of them coming to Cuba.

In my own opinion the Cubs will not sign him because of the money they will have to give to him.

I will keep you posted.

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