Thursday, October 22, 2009

Milton Bradley Trade Gaining Steam...

Ken Rosenthal reported yesterday that multiple teams have contacted the Cubs about outfielder Milton Bradley. On source told Rosenthal that "you would be shock at the level of interest".

Rosenthal also reported that the Cubs feel they can trade Bradley without eating majority of Bradley's 2 years and 21 million contract.

Rosenthal stated that new soon to be owner Tom Ricketts has set a limit for how much money the Cubs will include in the deal. The Cubs can take on a bad contract but only pay a certain amount of cash.

Teasm that have bad contracts and might be willing to trade for Bradley:

Rays for Pat Burrell
Giants for Aaron Rowand
Red Sox for Dice K
Braves for Derek Lowe (won't happen)
Dodgers for Juan Pierre
Padres for Brian Giles
Blue Jays for Vernon Wells
Tigers for Jeremy Bonderman or Dontrell Willis

That is some names and there teams that have bad contracts. The teams that I see matching up are the Rays, Giants, Blue Jays and Tigers.

I see a trade about 1-2 weeks after the world series with the Cubs paying 13-15 million of his contract for 1 or 2 prospects. I really can't see a bad contract coming to Chicago because the Cubs really don't match up.

I will keep you posted.

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