Monday, October 26, 2009

Milton Bradley Update...

Since the disappointing Cubs season came to a end we have heard all about Milton Bradley be a goner. Since that time teams have been added and subtracted from being interested in Bradley.

So lets get caught up on the Bradley Saga:

Teams that have said to be interested are the Mets, Blue Jays, Padres, Red Sox, Seattle, Rangers, Royals, Giants, Rays and Tigers.

Mets: Appear to not be interested according to Jon Heyman.

Blue Jays: May still be interested but we don't know because they were interested when GM JP Ricciardi was still in but now he is out.

Padres: Another one that still could be in but we don't know because that was when GM Towers was in but he is now out too. The Sun-Times said there is still interest in Bradley with Towers out as GM.

Red Sox: I have an unofficial source that is usually correct which is Hot Stove Cubbies but can't say it is a reliable source. There was another baseball analyst that said the Red Sox could be interested but I can't find it.

Seattle: They are expected to be interested by offsetting a bad contract according to Hot Stove Cubbies, remember not an official source. This is another one that had a reliable source but I can't find it.

Rangers: They are appear to be out according to TR Sullivan.

Royals: They also appear to be out according to the Kansas City Post.

Giants: They appear to still be in according to an executive of the Giants organization. They will accept a trade of Bradley for Rowand but do not want his clubhouse presence.

Rays: They appear to be in but the Rays want the Cubs to pay most of his contract that offsets Pat Burrell's contract. Bruce Levine says this is the logical place for Bradley to end up.

Tigers: No one knows if they will be interested because during the season there GM says there is no interest but Rob Neyer said they could work out a trade Bradley for Bonderman.

Lets see whats left:

Teams still interested for sure: The Rays, Giants and Padres.

Teams that might still be interested: The Red Sox, Mariners (Both unofficial sources but appear to be interested), Tigers, and the Blue Jays.

Teams that do not appear to be interested: The Mets, Rangers and Royals.

So where will Bradley end up? I will keep you posted.

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