Thursday, October 8, 2009

Milton Bradley to Rays Looking More and More Possible...

Chris De Luce of the Sun-Times writes:

He writes that Milton Bradley to the Rays has a good chance of happening. The Cubs trade outfielder Milton Bradley to the Rays and the Rays trade outfielder Pat Burrell to the Cubs with the cancellation of contracts. The Cubs will have give the Rays from 5-11 million of Milton Bradley's contract.

2 other teams that were interested in Bradley were the Blue Jays and the Padres but they fired there GM a couple weeks ago. So will they still be interested, maybe but probably not.

The Cubs want to try and trade Bradley sooner than later because of right now the Rays are the only team serious about him and if they lose interest Bradley might still be in Cubbie blue next year. The good thing is the Rays want to trade Burrell and the only way that could happen is in a trade for Bradley.

I ask Chris De Luca via email about the Cubs trying to add outfielder BJ Upton in the deal and he said no the Rays right now just want to trade Burrell. I also ask him if the Cubs will pursue Upton if put on the trading block this winter and said he has not heard anything about Upton yet.

I will keep you posted.

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  1. my source said the same thing as le duca, saying the Rays are not trading upton this winter