Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Latest Bruce Levine Rumors...

Here is the latest from his blog on

1) The ticket prices are expected to rise a little bit from last year.

1) My take: I am not really surprise because it raises every year and the new owner wants to change it how he will like it.

2) Hendry has been working on trades with Tampa, Toronto and "three to four other clubs with players with big contracts they would like to move."

2) My take: I think Bradley will be traded to the Rays or Toronto more than any other team but depending on who the other teams are.

3) The Blue Jays have been talking to teams about Vernon Wells and his big contract.

3) My take: The Cubs will be in on trading for Vernon Wells at some point.

4) The Blue Jays will look to trade ace Roy Halladay at some point this offseason and it is unknown if the Cubs will be interested.

4) My take: I don't think the Cubs will be interested because Tom Ricketts wants the minor league to be there #1 priority and he will cosy a lot of prospects.

Bruce Miles says he does not want the Cubs to go after Angels OF Gary Matthews Jr. who wants out of Los Angeles.

My take: Well is the Cubs have a offer on the table for Burrell, they should put a offer on the table for Matthews who I would like better.

I will keep you posted.

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