Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cubs release So Taguchi and Sorianon, Fox Activated off DL...

Yesterday the Cubs release 39 year old outfielder So Taguchi. Taguchi who was signed to a minor league deal and a invite to spring training in the offseason played the whole year for Triple A Iowa Cubs but on September 16th he was called up to take the spot of Soriano on the roster who was put on the DL 2 days earlier.

In 2009 Taguchi played 6 games and batted .273 with 3 hits and 0 HR or RBI in 11 at-bats for the Cubs.

This move is a no brainier because the Cubs want to get younger and before the season ended the Cubs said they will not bring back So Taguchi. However before the season ended Taguchi said he still wants to play at least 1 more year in the majors.

In other news the Cubs activated outfielder Alfonso Soriano and Chad Fox off the 15 day DL on October 14th.

Chad Fox went on the DL with arm problems on May 5th and nevered return to action. Chad Fox is a free agent and not likely to return.

Alfonso Soriano went on the DL with knee problems on September 14th and nevered returned to action. Soriano got knee surgery about a week later and will be back in LF to start the 2010 season.

I will keep you posted as the front office awaits the offseason.

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